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The Witcher: Old World is a new board game ahead of Geralt’s career

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CD Projekt Red co-publishes The witcher: Old World, a Go On Board board game that explores the world of The Witcher in the years before Geralt picked up his sword.Designed by Łukasz Woźniak (creator of Titans and Valhalla), the deck-building game supports between two and five players. It takes place around a competition between Witchers, with each player aligned with one of the five Witcher schools: the wolf (sword fighting), the griffin (magic), the cat (speed), the bear ( defensive) or the viper (poison)).

Players are given a set of ten cards suited to the school of their choice, which includes attacks, blocks, dodges, and magic signs, which are used in combat. Killing monsters will provide players with new cards to add to their decks, gradually increasing the ability to play powerful combos.

Players can embark on a variety of quests that will reward both money and fame. Success in quests is important, as the first player to earn a certain number of trophies will be crowned the winner. Competition between players will also result in fights between rival Witchers.

It wouldn’t be a Witcher game without testing your moral fiber, so there are also narrative decisions to be made as the game progresses.

BoardGameGeek reports that The Witcher: Old World will launch via Kickstarter, as is often the case with many modern board games. The fundraising campaign is expected to launch in May, with an April 2022 window for full release. The first images of the game show that it will come with at least two miniatures; a witcher throwing Igni and a wendigo. Opening the Kickstarter fully should reveal the full contents of the box.

For more on the video game side of The Witcher, take a look at the news from CD Projekt Randomly Held Over Stolen Witcher Source Code.

Matt Purslow is IGN’s UK news and entertainment editor.


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