Monday, June 5, 2023

This PlayStation DVR add-on returns to Japan and will get PS5 support

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As Microsoft goes to bed Live TV listings in OneGuide for Xbox One, an earlier Sony effort that brought live TV and even DVR functionality to PlayStation is making a comeback. In 2010, Sony launched a live TV tuner for PS3 called Torne, and finally followed up with Nasne, a combo device that combined the tuner with a built-in hard drive and support for media streaming. He eventually took over the PS4, but died out anyway.


Now Engadget Japan informs us that the Nasne is back, now made by another Buffalo company but with similar dreams of serving as a headless DVR unit that pulls TV streams for viewing on your PlayStation console or mobile device. The product page reveals that with the upgraded on-board storage, it is now able to support up to 6TB of external storage, and you can combine multiple units to record more than one channel at a time.

A pre-order page is online on Amazon Japan, where it will cost 29,800 yen for a unit with 2TB of storage, and yes, a PS5 compatible app coming by the end of the year. The new software won’t do anything for its design which is still made to match the PS3, but what’s wrong with a rollback?


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