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Tiger Woods lucky to be alive after crash: latest updates, details as golf star recovers from car crash

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Tiger Woods was seriously injured in a collision with a single vehicle in Los Angeles early Tuesday, according to law enforcement.

Woods was injured in the crash around 10:12 a.m. ET on Tuesday. Reports said first responders – who were reportedly notified of the crash by the Los Angeles Police Department at 10:22 a.m. and responded to the scene at 10:28 a.m. – had to use a pry bar and ax to remove the vehicle’s golf star. . The Los Angeles Times reported that Woods was transported from the crash site to Harbor-UCLA Medical Center by ambulance.

The cause of the accident is under investigation.

Woods was in the Los Angeles area to host the Genesis Invitational golf event; the car he was driving – apparently a 2021 Genesis GV80 SUV – was provided to him by the tournament. He had been in the Los Angeles area for a few extra days on a set of Golf Digest with former NBA star Dwyane Wade and actor and comedian David Spade.

Woods, 45, recently had back surgery, his fifth, after playing at the Masters in November. He was aiming to return to Augusta for the Masters in April, as shown over the weekend to Jim Nantz of CBS Sports.

Here’s the latest on the Woods crash:

Tiger Woods crash updates

Every hour in the East

6.40 p.m .: NBC News reports that Woods is in “stable condition,” adding that there was no indication he used the brakes in his crash.

6:26 p.m .: Fox Sports’ Andy Slater reports that Woods was set to meet NFL quarterback Drew Brees at the time of the crash.

6:24 p.m .: The first officer at the scene, LAPD MP Carlos Gonzalez said Woods was unable to stand, adding that he was clear-headed and calm. Also said Woods was wearing his seat belt.

6:18 p.m .: Villanueva says that the front of Woods’ vehicle was significantly damaged, but the interior cabin remained intact; otherwise, he says, Woods’ accident would have been fatal.

6:11 p.m .: Villanueva says the area that Woods crashed into has suffered frequent accidents due to its crooked down layout. Said the weather was not considered a factor in the accident.

6:09 p.m .: During the press conference, Los Angeles Fire Chief Daryl Osby said it was determined at the crash site that Woods had “serious” leg injuries and that on base Based on the accident and the severity of his injuries, it was determined that he should be transported to the nearest trauma center: Harbor-UCLA Medical Center. He also reiterated that it wasn’t the jaws of life that took Woods from the vehicle, but a combination of a lever and an ax.

6:07 p.m .: Villanueva reiterates that there was no sign of impairment to Woods at the scene of the accident and that there had been no effort to draw blood from him while or during his transport to hospital .

6:05 p.m .: Villanueva says another accident happened near where Woods happened due to a rubber neck. No one was hurt.

6:03 p.m .: Villanueva says the Woods crash traffic report will take several days to complete.

6:02 p.m .: Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva at a press conference said first responders had not seen evidence of a disability at Tiger Woods.

5:57 p.m .: The crashed Woods Genesis GV80 has been removed from the crash site, as seen on the Golf Channel.

17:26: NBC News reports that first responders used an ax – not the jaws of life – to pull Woods out of his vehicle.

5:12 p.m .: Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva Tells Los Angeles Times that Woods is “lucky to be alive.”

5:07 p.m .: The Athletic’s Kavitha Davidson reports that the jaws of life weren’t needed to pull Woods out of his car:

5:02 p.m .: The Golf Channel reports that Woods was alert and responsive to first responders at the crash site.

4:18 p.m .: CNN’s Jake Tapper reports that the jaws of life may not have been used to pull Woods out of the car, and instead he was pulled from the car’s windshield.

4:01 p.m .: CNN’s Kyung Lah reports that Woods is currently in serious condition at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center.

3:51 p.m .: ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne reports that doctors in Los Angeles are more concerned about the severity of the leg injuries than the surgery on his medically repaired back.

3:50 p.m .: Woods’ injuries are not considered life threatening, according to Lt. Michael White of the LA County Sheriff’s Office.

3:28 p.m .: The Los Angeles Times reports that Woods is believed to be traveling at “high speed” before crossing a divider, causing the vehicle to roll over several times before stopping, by law enforcement officials. The road that has been traveled is considered winding and steep.

2:57 p.m .: Woods suffered moderate to critical injuries, according to Henry Narvez, Los Angeles County chief information officer.

14:48: Woods’ agent says Woods suffered multiple leg injuries and is currently in surgery, according to Daniel Rapaport of Golf Digest.

2:45 p.m .: Images of the car Woods was supposed to drive have surfaced:

14:37: There is no official word on Woods’ injuries at this time. The wreckage is described as “major,” with the LA County Sheriff’s Department stating that it had to remove Woods from the wreckage using the Jaws of Life. The collision occurred early Tuesday on the west coast.

The story was initially broken by Steven Gregory, a correspondent for IHeartRadio.

Woods was filmed alongside former NBA superstar Dwyane Wade before the crash. The video was posted to Wade’s Instagram account, although the timeline of the video suggests it was from Monday. Woods was also filmed with actor and comedian David Spade.

Woods underwent his fifth back surgery in December and was in the process of rehabilitating his injury in order to resume the course.

This story will be updated.


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