Wednesday, November 29, 2023

TikTok Updates Community Rules | Engadget

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For example, the new guidelines add more details to the rules prohibiting bullying and harassment on the platform in order to be “more explicit” on issues such as doxxing, cyberstalking and sexual harassment. Likewise, the new rules define more clearly what content they consider to be a threat or incitement to violence. TikTok also added new rules for underage users to prohibit “content that promotes dangerous challenges, games and other acts that may endanger the safety of young people”.

While previous app rules already banned much of this type of content, the new guidelines could help app moderators consistently enforce the rules. This should also clarify things for users, who have sometimes complained when the app takes action against the. In a recent high profile example, Perez Hilton was banned of the app after TikTok said it repeatedly broke its bullying rules.

In addition to the new rules, TikTok introduces other new “wellness” features. The changes include a new warning screen that users can activate if they want to see a notice before a video that says “some may find pictures or issues.” The app will also update its coronavirus hub with vaccine information from public health experts and add new mental health resources to its support page for users who may be in crisis.

Policy news comes like TikTok keep on going to negotiate with the US government on its future after multiple lawsuits and threats of prohibition. The company was also one of several Social media apps requested by the Federal Trade Commission to disclose privacy practices and how their policies affect children and teens


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