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Tim Paine: Greg Chappell’s brutal letter after the SCG drama

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Former Australian captain Greg Chappell said Tim Paine’s abuse of referee and Indian star Ravi Ashwin during the SCG test showed “weakness of character”.

Paine earlier this week was fined 15% of his match allowance for his explosion of curses at referee Paul Wilson during the third test, all the while coming under the microscope for having a nasty verbal battle with Ashwin on the last day of play.

The actions of the Australian skipper led him to address his behavior shortly after a wave of critical, intervening for an instant press conference where he apologized for his antics.

Chappell, who made his debut in 1970 and played 87 tests for Australia, referred to the infamous “underarm” incident in an open letter written to Paine.

In 1981, in a one-day international match against New Zealand, Chappell controversially asked his younger brother Trevor to throw the final ball onto the pitch, with tourists needing a six to tie the match. match.

Chappell said his actions should be a “lesson for all of us” and admitted that he “failed” to “maintain balance and equanimity in the face of changing and difficult circumstances”.

“Abuse is not acceptable in any workplace and speaking, in my opinion, is cheap. It doesn’t show his strength. Rather, it shows weakness of character,” Chappell wrote in the Sydney Morning Herald.

“I urge you to convince the team to let the stick and the ball do the talking and set better examples for millions of impressionable little boys and girls.

“It will be the greatest legacy you can leave.”


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