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Welcome to IGN Cyberpunk 2077 Tips and tricks Guide, the home of all your essentials tips and tricks this will help you familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of Night City. In this guide, we have broken down our Tips and tricks into three distinct categories that detail everything from exploration, combat, and other topics such as armor, storage, chat options, and more.

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35 Essential Tips and tricks

Whether it’s making big bucks, looting your enemies, tips on where to place your points or even changing your clothes, we’ve got you covered in our details. Tips and tricks guide below.

Exploration Tips and tricks

  • Be careful of buttons you press around people in tight spaces. You could accidentally attack or catch someone who will then put the police into action! It could lead to your death.
  • If there’s something worth picking up, like a shard, you’ll see a yellow marker on it from a distance. Keep an eye out!
  • Keep an eye out for the blue markers on your map as you explore Night City. These are Fast Travel points. You’ll have to play a bit of the campaign to access them, but once you do, be sure to interact with the points to unlock them.
  • Want to earn a lot of money? Collect everything. It might slow you down a bit, but every once in a while you will grab something worth $ 750 +. The junk is also added. Think of it like a piggy bank. Make sure you drop off unwanted and unwanted items frequently at drop-off points. Drop points (pictured below) are either large like this or a kiosk with only the rightmost part of the machine. But they are still yellow.

  • Look both ways as you cross the street – yes, really. You can get hit by cars and take damage.
  • Use the scanner frequently, especially in large rooms. It can show items you can pick up, explosives, and other useful things.
  • Learn how to shore your gun. Sometimes the mere act of pulling a gun is considered a threat, and you don’t want to face the consequences. You can see how on our Controls page, or you can go to the pause> Settings menu, then tap the button on the right that says “Control scheme”.


  • What happens if you pick up too much and go over the weight limit? You will lose stamina and walk slowly. Slower still if you keep picking things up!
  • If you need quick storage, call your car (if you can) and toss your items in the trunk stash!
  • See a crate in the distance with a rare item that you don’t want to forget? You can mark it with your scanner, the same way you would mark an enemy.
  • NCPD Scanner Hustles may take several steps to complete. * Not all of them, but some will require you to transfer the information you have obtained from one place to another nearby. If you feel like you haven’t received a big payout after collecting evidence, it probably means there’s another milestone in your journal.
  • If you see people having a conversation (you’ll see blue text on it) sometimes they reveal interesting information about where you are. Someone you are with might also have something to say about their conversation.
  • There is nothing like “stealing” for V. Everything in Night City is up to you. Take whatever you want! However, you must pay the sellers.

Combat Tips and tricks

  • Run! Jump! Do a lot in open areas to increase your athleticism! Essentially, the way you improve your skill progression for any benefit is by using them. The more stealth you do, the higher your stealth advantage. The more items are taken apart, the higher your crafting advantage.
  • Play the additional tutorial. No matter how good you are at games, the upside here is that it’s free XP that only costs you a little time and no actual resources!
  • Make sure to take out enemy bosses at the end of longer missions, even if you’re trying to get stealthy or avoid conflict otherwise. They can earn you a ton of cash, as well as unique items.
  • Enemies, even non-boss enemies, can heal themselves! Make sure to keep an eye out for your low opponents to make sure they’re not using a Maxdoc while you’re not watching.
  • Enemies that drop loot when they die will be marked with an X on your minimap. Gray means Common Loot, Green means Uncommon, Blue is Rare, Purple is Epic, and Yellow is Legendary. You’ll see the loot item marker when you watch the corpse change color along with the loot rarity as well.
  • Once you’ve found a gun that you like, don’t forget to watch it to apply attachments and mods! Some mods can even make your weapon “non-lethal,” meaning that even if you subdue your enemy, you won’t actually kill them. You might need it for secondary jobs or concerts. Not all weapons may have mods or attachments, however.
  • You will only see XP and Silver progress after V is taken out of combat, meaning the minimap no longer says “combat.”

Other Tips and tricks

  • You can fast forward in a cinematic conversation by holding the button displayed at the bottom right of the screen.
  • Putting points in Body or Tech will literally open doors for youbecause the cards will have a few that will only be opened with enough of one or the other. This makes investing in one worthwhile, but both are a bit less profitable (although still good in other ways).
  • In your journal, some tasks will have a small image to the right of the task or concert description. These are “linked” elements! Sometimes it’ll be a direct way to call someone, a card, or whatever.
  • Accidentally throw a grenade in a public square? Piss off the wrong person? Cyberpunk has an active autosave which usually happens before a meeting. Instead of living with the consequences, use an autosave to get out of a sticky situation.
  • After a big shootingDon’t forget to catch your fallen enemies (and even their allies) weapons. You can sell them, but you can also disassemble them in your Inventory menu for components of common and unusual items. You will need it for crafting and upgrades. You can also disassemble some consumables, Clothingand unwanted. If you don’t need the money, go with the components instead.
  • If you level up in certain perks, you will get one perk point! You enhance the benefits just by using them. Make sure to take a look at the rewards for all the perks.
  • Even if your heart is determined to become an assassin with maximum stealth or whatever, be sure to watch and put advantage points in other categories. You should especially think about putting a point in any advantage that you improve faster than the others. It’s an indication of how you’re playing at the start, and a little extra push for that early style of play can’t hurt.
  • Make sure to change your Clothing. Not to look cool, but for some easy points of armor. Each piece of Clothing has an armor rating and as they say good defense is the best offense … you may look like a walking disaster, but you’ll have the last laugh when you’re the one standing. Keep in mind that some armor also has perk slots for an extra boost.

  • Keep in mind some Clothing/ armor has mod slots also for a little more oomph. However, once applied, they cannot be salvaged and will be destroyed if you replace them.
  • You’ll get new clothing options from vendors as you get more Street Cred. You’ll also find more clothing options as you move through different neighborhoods.
  • If you want to equip a melee weapon from your inventory, select a slot that you want to fill or replace. Then just over the distance weapons, click on the knife next to the blue distance weapons icon to see what varied weapons you have with you.
  • Yellow conversation options will move the conversation forward. If there are more than one, it means it’s a choice. The weight of this choice varies depending on the situation. Some will only affect this moment, others will impact entire side quests or the main job. The blue options give you more information. This will sometimes lead to new options! You can’t lose anything by getting new information, so you might as well explore your options.
  • Don’t forget to update the operating system from V! You’re better off saving up for a rare OS, but once you can afford it, be sure to buy one for some new perks, like a bigger hack buffer. This is imperative if you are playing as a Netrunner. You will also be able to increase your base RAM! Hint: there is a good Rare called Biodyne MK.2 at the ripperdoc sure WatsonNorthside for $ 15,000. That’s a lot, but it means more hacking and a bigger buffer.

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