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Top 5 Least Useful Genshin Impact Characters

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Genshin Impact tier lists are nothing new to players. Many different sites and players create these lists to help other players determine which characters are better compared to other characters.

Based on math, team composition, and character potential, these lists tend to be more objective than subjective. Based on one of the most popular level lists, here is the list of the five least useful characters in Genshin Impact.

5 of Genshin Impact’s least useful characters

# 5 & 4 – Traveler


“A traveler from another world who had his only parents taken away, forcing them to take a journey to find the Seven.”

Element: Anemo or Geo

Armed: Sword

Birthday: Player choice

Constellation: Viator (Male), Viatrix (Female)

The main protagonist of Genshin Impact and the first player-controlled character, the Traveler, begins as an Anemo character, and later in the game can be changed to Geo. In future updates, they will be able to switch between each of the seven items. Even though this is a 5 star character, the Traveler is pretty useless later on when players derive other more powerful characters from their wishes.

# 3 – Noelle


“A chambermaid in the service of the Knights of Favonius who dreams of joining their ranks one day.”

Element: Geo

Armed: Claymore

Birthday: March 21st

Constellation: PARMA heart

Noelle is a formidable defensive character from the start and is the character that most players get out of their initial wishes from Genshin Impact first. While she can stay decent with a good kit, she is easily outclassed by Diona, Zhongli, or even Xinyan when it comes to shields.

# 2 – Lisa


“The languid but knowledgeable librarian of the Knights of Favonius, regarded by Sumeru Academia as their most distinguished graduate of the past two centuries.”

Element: Electro

Armed: Catalyst

Birthday: June 9

Constellation: Time passes

Many players adore Genshin Impact’s Lisa for her personality. Sadly, she falls like a sub-DPS with many other characters filling the role much better.

# 1 – Amber


“Always energetic and full of life, Amber is the best – though the only – Outrider of the Knights of Favonius.”

Element: Pyro

Armed: Bow

Birthday: August 10

Constellation: Pus

Poor Amber is at the bottom of almost every level list. As the first Genshin Impact character that players can recruit, she is undoubtedly useful in many of the game’s early puzzles. Once another character using Pyro or Arc is recruited, she becomes virtually useless.

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