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Top 5 most powerful ice-type moves in Pokemon

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Ice-type moves can be incredibly useful in Pokemon. Freeze an opponent Pokemon will almost guarantee a victory over this creature.

Some of the more powerful ice-type moves can grant opponents other types of status conditions.

The likes of Articuno, Lapras and several non-type Ice Pokemon showed just how incredibly dangerous these attacks can be. The strongest Ice-type moves are as deadly as Pokémon moves can be.

Top 5 most powerful ice-type moves in Pokemon

# 5 – Ice hammer

Ice Hammer is Crabominable’s signature move. It comes with 100 power and 90% accuracy. Ice Hammer deals Ice-type solid damage but comes with a backhand.

It reduces user speed by one step each time it is used. This could be seen as an advantage if Crabominable is used in a game room setting, making it faster than the opposite. Pokemon as its speed decreases.

# 4 – Blizzard

Blizzard is one of the most iconic Ice-type attacks in Pokemon. There are so many Pokémon that can learn this move. It provides excellent coverage in combat.

Blizzard currently has a low accuracy of 75%, but it has a massive 110 power. In Hail, the move will always land. It also has a 10% chance to freeze the target after connecting.

# 3 – Glacial Lance

Glacial Lance is the signature movement of Ice Rider Calyrex. Ice Rider Calyrex is formed when Calyrex and Glastrier are exposed to the Reins of Unity item.

Glacial Lance is an ice-type move that deals damage with no other effect. He always receives a STAB when used by Ice Rider Calyrex. This adds to its already incredible 130 Power. It also comes with 100% accuracy.

# 2 – frozen shock

Freeze Shock has a power of 140 with 90% accuracy. This is one of the signature moves of Black Kyurem, when Kyurem and Zekrom are fused with DNA splicers.

The attack deals damage but also has a 30% chance to cause paralysis. On the turn it is selected, nothing happens because this attack has a charge turn. The next turn allows Freeze Shock to deal massive damage.

# 1 – Ice burn

Ice Burn is similar to Freeze Shock with 140 power and 90% accuracy. This is the signature attack of the White Kyurem, when Kyurem and Reshiram are fused with DNA splicers. Charge turn, ice strike, and damage abilities are roughly the same as the previous attack.

The difference, however, is a 30% chance of burning rather than crippling. Burning is arguably better in this case as it reduces attack and deals damage at the end of each turn.

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