Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Townbuilder’s laid-back gameplay is coming to mobile and Switch this summer

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More than a few PC gamers have faced the many stresses of the past year with a chill out session of Townscaper, and now other players can see what it is. Oskar Stålberg and Raw Fury have revealed this Townscaper will be available on mobile devices and the Switch this summer. It’s unclear what will change from the early access days of the experimental game on Steam, but it’s not clear that something needs to do it – it’s the underlying concept that has people hooked.

As Stålberg explains, there is no real purpose or conventional gameplay. All you do is build a European-style city full of colorful houses, arcades, bridges, and green spaces. The beauty comes from the algorithm that guides it all. It takes the headache out of construction, allowing you to build a quaint seaside village or sprawling town on a whim. Like Animal crossing, it is this calm pursuit of your creative vision that is so satisfying.


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