Friday, August 12, 2022

Tweetbot 6 is coming to iPhone and iPad with a subscription model

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One of the best third-party Twitter clients now requires a subscription. Tweetbot 6, the latest version of the app from developer Tapbots, now costs 99 cents per month, or $ 5.99 per year. The old Tweetbot 5 client, meanwhile, required a single purchase of $ 4.99 on iOS and iPadOS. You can download the new app without paying a dime, but you’ll be limited to scrolling through your timeline. If you really want to tweet, add another account, or change various settings, you’ll need to accept the company’s new subscription model. “Consistent subscription revenue allows us to continually improve Tweetbot,” says a screen in the new app.

In return you get an app based on Twitter API “v2”. As MacStories Explain, this means that the customer can view polls and Twitter cards correctly. You should also notice more image thumbnails, as well as dedicated “@” and “#” buttons in the composition sheet. Additionally, Tapbots added new themes – there are now nine in total – and alternate app icons, such as Future Noir. Tweetbot 6 also gives you the option to open links in Chrome and Firefox, if you don’t like Safari or Tweebot’s own browser view. Unfortunately, the new version also eliminates some of the services you could use to shorten URLs and download media.


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