Friday, October 7, 2022

Twitter’s Clubhouse-Style Audio Chat Rooms Coming to Android

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, the company’s response to Flag, is now available on Android. Until now, audio chat rooms have been .

The Spaces feature is still in beta. Only a certain number of users can host the chat rooms, but now anyone on iOS and Android can join the chats. For now, only iOS users can host spaces, but Twitter says those on Android will soon be able to create their own rooms. He is “still working on some things,” according to an announcement tweet.

While Spaces is clearly designed to compete with Clubhouse, Twitter has worked on other audio-centric features. Last summer he a way for users to include voice clips in tweets, a feature that later became more widely available. Following reviews of the feature film lack of accessibility, Twitter announced plans to add automated transcriptions for video and audio early this year.


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