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Two Point Hospital: Jumbo Edition available today on Xbox

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Look, we got it. You are a professional hospital administrator. You can format a healthcare facility at any time. Queues of people line up in an orderly fashion to be seen by your top doctors, who successfully diagnose them in seconds before sending them off for successful treatments.

You, my friend, are a health hero at the top of the hierarchy. You are a champion. You are the best in the biz. You are definitely better than the administrator described in our last Xbox Wire article.

But have you considered aliens?

You know, aliens. Gray things? Those who have eyes? The ones walking through the doors of your hospital as we speak? Oh, my sweet summer child. If you haven’t dealt with aliens, you haven’t seen half of them.

And what about your hospitals in the sticks? Do you have an eco-friendly vibe on the go? Are you planting carrots, for god’s sake? Are you successfully controlling energy consumption? Are you confronted with the political ambitions of an ecological megalomaniac? Or do you just consume energy and release CO2 as you wish? And I thought you were a doctor. A champion.

You know, maybe I need to look at you again. Maybe you need to look at yourself. Or maybe you need to consult the Close encounters and Outside the network extensions for Two Point Hospital, which are incidentally included in Two Point Hospital: Jumbo Edition.

Two Point Hospital: Jumbo Edition

Tell me more, sir …

Alright then. As you wish.

First, let’s dive into the world of Close encounters. Two Point County’s intrepid local DJ Harrison Wolf has some ideas. Thoughts of a plot that winds around the town of Goldpan. This city recently saw a fireball fly above its sandy climates, and not everyone thinks it’s a natural occurrence. No, you see, Harrison thinks they’re aliens.

But it goes further. So much deeper. What if the town of Goldpan was just a front? What if, deeper behind the scenes, somewhere behind a dark curtain, there was a military base, crawling with aliens? What if they’re already there, walking among us? What if, for some reason, you had to build a hospital here?

Two Point Hospital: Jumbo Edition

My God. What if?

Swipe across the Two Point County map, however, and you’ll find yourself in a completely different place. The sand dunes separate and are replaced by a lush, verdant landscape of trees, oxygen and, blimey, hope! This is the setting of the Off the Grid extension.

I hope, you see, because local politician Tabitha Windsock has a dream. A green dream. A green dream. She’s building an eco-city with her name on it, and she needs your help to care for the people in her constituency so that they can stay healthy, keep voting for her and, of course, keep paying taxes. .

Two Point Hospital: Jumbo Edition

You’ll encounter savage evils like Hare Brained, Root Snoot, and Body Druids, along with the disturbing-sounding Flappy Hamper, in your quest to heal the county.

But it doesn’t stop there, because the Jumbo Edition also includes earlier DLCs like Bigfoot (help an eccentric billionaire who happens to be a yeti run his snow-covered health resort / castle), and Pebberley Island (Help explorer Wiggy Silverbottom trace a sterilized trail across the tropics in search of the Fountain of Eternal Life).

Not only that, but if you’re like me, someone who enjoys placing lamps and rugs at arbitrary angles for hours on end to please your patients, you’ll get a real kick out of both item packs. included – the Retro Item Pack and the Exhibition Item Pack.

Two Point Hospital: Jumbo Edition

The retro highlights powerful accessories from yesteryear, like pinball machines, wall hanging ducks, old televisions, gramophones and more. I love putting them all in my staff rooms! Not only that, but you’ll get an interactive photo booth, emu ride, and more.

The Exhibition Item Pack is an exploration of the nuances of sculptural art. See works such as “the keys on a podium” and a big pig. Place an orrerie in your hall and be transfixed by the movement of celestial bodies. You know what? Just stick a whole flippin dinosaur skeleton in your lobby while you’re there.

We know you are going to have fun with this stuff and we can’t wait for you to get stuck! Please consult the Two Point Hospital: Jumbo Edition today on the Xbox Store and tell all your friends. Or we’ll send the aliens after you.

Xbox live

Two Point Hospital: JUMBO Edition

SEGA Europe Ltd


$ 39.99

$ 31.99

With over 3 million happy players, find out why Two Point Hospital is a health phenomenon! Take your professional hospital building experience to the next level, with four massive expansions and two additional DLCs, all bundled into one extraordinary Jumbo Edition that’s brimming with LOADS OF STUFF! The pack with the best value for money to date! Filled with new content that new and old players will love! Includes base game + four premium expansions + two item packs. Travel through the vast expanses of Two Point County, with 27 hospitals in a variety of areas – from the snowy lands of the Bigfoot DLC to the tropical climates of Pebberley Island. Includes over 189 bizarre illnesses, a huge range of healing devices bursting with personality, and loads of items to place in your hospitals! Includes: Bigfoot, Pebberley Island, Close Encounters, and the full Off the Grid expansions, plus the Retro Item Pack and Exhibition Item Pack. About Two Point Hospital Build, heal and upgrade! Design and build your own hospital! Build a hospital from nothing to a masterpiece by designing the most beautiful – or most functional – healthcare operation in all of Two Point County. Optimize your hospital design to increase patient (and cash) flow, by organizing hallways, rooms, and waiting areas to your exact specifications. Expand your hospital to include several buildings, seeking to pass as many patients as possible. Place decorative and functional items around your hospital to improve its prestige, reduce patient boredom, increase happiness, and maintain year-end rewards. Cure unusual illnesses! Don’t expect Two Point County to be populated by your usual types of patients. In this world you will experience all kinds of unusual illnesses; from lightness to cubism – each requiring its own type of processing machine. Diagnose illnesses, build the right rooms to treat them, hire the right staff, and then prepare, because curing just one of these illnesses is just the start. Once you’ve conquered an illness, research improved cures and machines, and turn your hospital into a health staple. Your first hospital is where it starts, but what to do next?

Xbox live

Two-Point Hospital: JUMBO Edition Upgrade

SEGA Europe Ltd

$ 19.99

Upgrade your version of Two Point Hospital to the JUMBO Edition and treat yourself to tons of new goodness from Two Point Hospital! For the first time on console, dive into a wide selection of fan-favorite Two Point Hospital content in the JUMBO Edition upgrade and expand your experience to new areas of Two Point County. In addition to the new hospitals, you’ll face all-new ailments (each more ridiculous than the next!), And of course, the unusual healing machines to match – as well as a selection of new gameplay challenges in course. Included in the JUMBO Edition Upgrade: – Two Point Hospital: Close Encounters DLC Confront the mysteries of the towns surrounding Chasm 24, a secret military base that some may suspect more than you see! Features 3 new hospitals, 11 new visual ailments (34 new diseases in total), new gameplay, new music, new DJ / tannoy lines, and a whole bunch of new placeable items. – Two Point Hospital: Off the Grid DLC Go into the wild! Tabitha Windsock, the still-present mayor of Two Point County, put rivers and forests back on the map. She has morality, integrity and, above all, a sickening desperation to stay in power. Add 3 more hospitals, 35 new illnesses and bags of new items as well as new music, DJ lines and tannoy announcer lines. – The retro object pack Go back in time with this delightful collection of 26 new retro and vintage objects to place in your hospitals (the most flamboyant will find themselves at home with the Peacock chair!) – The exhibition object pack 30 new items to place in your hospital ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous. Or, in fact, on closer inspection, from the ridiculous to the ridiculous. From placeable wall art to whole fossilized dinosaurs, there will be something for everyone. Two-Point Hospital: JUMBO Edition Upgrade – More Hospitals, More Cures, More Fun!


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