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U.S. final winner revealed after epic match

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The American finals of the AEW The women’s title elimination tournament has finally arrived, and the event was accompanied by two non-tournament games with four other women. AEW Talent.

We went to the first game of the show.

# 1. Leva Bates vs. Madi Wrenkowski (AEW non-tournament match)

Madi tossed one of Bates’ books at her opponent, and the librarian was not happy as she responded with a kick.

Laves then sent Madi outside. The action returned, and Bates was on top with a few strikes and a suplex. She got double counted with a Northern Lights suplex.

Madi took control with a guillotine on Bates on the ropes. She took the opportunity and scored a few attempts. Bates responded with a few chops and kicks in the midsection and head. She followed him with a kick in the corner and a bulldog for a two-way count.

Bates got two falls with a small package. Back on their feet, Madi led Bates face first into the canvas with a facebuster.

Madi ripped off a few pages from Young Bucks’ book. The referee stopped an enraged Bates from using the book as a weapon. The ref had his back turned and it was Madi who used another book to draw Bates’ face up.

Madi covered Bates and secured her first AEW victory.

Result: Madi Wrenkowski beats. Leva bates

Grade: C

# 2. “Legit” Leyla Hirsch vs. Miranda Alize (AEW non-tournament match)

Alize offered a handshake, but Leyla was more interested in locking up. The two women tried to outdo each other, and it was Hirsch who took control with a lateral header followed by a shoulder block.

They exchanged trails of arms. Hirsch stepped out of the ring and Alize was on top with a knee to her face. She nudged running around the corner. Miranda kept the pressure on with her shoulders all the way to Leyla’s midsection.

Hirsch turned the game in her favor with a dropkick, and she connected with a few forearm kicks in the corner. Leyla would also deliver a straight knee, followed by a brainbuster for an impending fall.

Alize escaped from the firefighter’s port and landed a knee with a tear rope. Alize also performed an impressive corkscrew elbow drop for an impending fall, and it looked pretty neat!

Alize appeared to be attempting a cutter, but Leyla reversed it into a crossbreaker. Miranda had no choice but to participate in the AEW match.

Result: “Legit” Leyla Hirsch defeats. Miranda Alize

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