Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Uber’s green electric transportation service arrives in 1,400 more cities in North America

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Uber is trying to help drivers make the switch to zero emission vehicles with a number of new or expanded programs. Starting in Los Angeles (with plans to expand into the United States in 2021), it will allow drivers to use zero-emission cars through a new affordable Avis electric vehicle rental program. And this month, drivers in San Francisco can rent vehicles using Ample technology that allows them to swap out their EV batteries “in minutes,” the company said. It also offers extended EV charging discounts via EVgo in 800 locations in the United States.

The ridesharing company has also expanded its trip planning service to 10 other cities. This will allow you to plan your entire transit trip, “from scanning real-time schedules to walking routes to and from transit stations” right from its app, Uber said.

In addition, Uber is also working to provide information and services around the COVID-19 pandemic. To this end, it has partnered with vaccine maker Moderna to provide “credible vaccine safety information via Uber’s in-app messaging,” he said. The two companies are also working with public health organizations to improve access to vaccines, possibly offering trips to appointments and adding SMS vaccination reminders to its app, among other measures.


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