Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Verizon indefinitely suspends 3G shutdown plans

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Verizon (owner of Engadget parent company, Verizon Media) isn’t shutting down its 3G network anytime soon. Kevin King, the carrier’s spokesperson, said Light reading that “Verizon’s 3G network is operational” and that it “has no plans to shut it down at this time.” He also added that the company “will work with customers to move them to newer technology.” King confirmed the accuracy of the report to Engadget.

The carrier has taken steps to switch off its 3G network for years, from 2012 when it deployed 4G LTE. A few years later, it announced its intention to shut down the network by December 2019, but then pushed the date back to 2020. Now it appears the company has delayed shutting down the old network indefinitely, perhaps. be up to most of its remaining 3G customers. have already migrated to newer devices.


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