Thursday, February 2, 2023

Warriors land in NSW ready to travel to Tamworth

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The Warriors have officially landed in Sydney to start their preseason at Tamworth.

It has been confirmed that the Warriors will spend a month in Tamworth before moving to Terrigal on the Central Coast, which will again serve as their home, starting in 2020.

From 13 March they will play home games against Gold Coast and Newcastle in the first two rounds of the season, before hitting the road to face Canberra and the Roosters.

The only New Zealand group in the NRL will hope to return home for their fifth round clash, but CEO Cameron George doubts the team will be there much longer than the first three months confirmed since April last year. .

“I suspect it will, but fingers crossed that is changing and our prime minister is looking after us and bringing us home,” George told

“Because we’ve been planning this since April, nothing was a surprise,” said George, alluding to the weird year that was 2020.

“They [the NRL] We were very confident that things would have opened up and we would be back to normal, but we were still pushing the boundaries as we were only dealing with what was in place today, no speculation or whatever. either of the kind.

“Based on that, they were very accommodating, they helped us plan it, they helped us with the logistics. We are ready to go and they are a big part of it.

Yesterday, George wrote an open letter to fans ask for support in the team’s next attempt, ask for no sympathy, just support.

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