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Watch Sony test its Vision-S prototype on public roads

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Halfway through last year, Sony’s Vision-S electric vehicle went from being a simple prototype to something the company has said it wants to bring closer to reality. In July, Sony announced its intention to start testing the vehicle on public roads at the end of 2020. True to his word, that’s exactly what he did. Although it did not provide a substantive update on the EV during its keynote address at CES 2021, Sony said it started testing the EV in Europe in December and shared a clip of the car driving on scenic Austrian roads – the company recently announced. Airpeak drone also makes an appearance in the video.

When Sony first unveiled the S-Vision at CES 2020, it said it created to showcase its technology to companies in the automotive industry. The Prototype we saw at the show featured two 200 kW engines and had the ability to accelerate to 62 mph in 4.8 seconds. At the time, Sony said the car also has Level 2 autonomous driving capabilities, but plans to make it more autonomous in the future.


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