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Week 15 fantasy defense ranking: sleepers, busts, D / ST waiver thread streamers to target

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Rank Team 1 Los Angeles Rams vs. Jets. Throwing the Rams against the Jets this week is a given. The Rams have allowed the fewest offensive yards this year and are in the top three in defense, while the Jets are averaging 14.1 points and 269.8 yards per game, the NFL’s bottom two. Aaron Donald and the Rams pass rush should be able to play Sam Darnold and force some sacks and turnovers in this game. 2 Pittsburgh Steelers @ Bengals. The Steelers defense continued to perform well despite their two-game losing streak, and in Week 15 they have the chance to fight a Bengals team who have returned the ball more than 22 times this season, at Tied for fifth in the NFL. Since losing Joe Burrow (knee), Cincinnati has averaged 10.3 points per game and allowed an average of 3.3 sacks and 2.7 turnovers per game. It’ll be a good game for the Steelers, and their defense will be a big part of it. 3 Baltimore Ravens vs. Jaguars. The Jaguars finally saw Mike Glennon implode against a poor D / ST Titans, so it’s hard to imagine him – or whatever the Jags start at QB – having much success against a Ravens defense that’s finally in good shape. health and has been a top five-point defense for most of the year. 4 Buffalo Bills @ Broncos. The Bills’ defense is healthy and has just come out of a game that saw them intercept Ben Roethlisberger twice, including a pick-six. They should have a chance to do some damage against a Broncos team that returned the ball 29 times higher in the league and saw Drew Lock return the ball in nine straight starts. 5 Seahawks from Seattle to Washington. Washington’s offense is averaging 314.5 yards per game this season, a good one for the NFL’s third under, and although they have just beaten the 49ers, they have failed to score an offensive TD. . The Seahawks have had their ups and downs this season, but they have largely limited bad infractions, allowing 21 points or less in their last four games. It’s also worth noting that Alex Smith (leg) may not be able to start in this game, and if Dwayne Haskins plays the Seahawks could have a higher cap, as Haskins averages 1.3 numbers. cases and 3.3 bags per departure (Smith averages 0.6 and 2.2 in his departures, for comparison). 6 Miami Dolphins vs. Patriots. The Dolphins just forced Patrick Mahomes to make three interceptions on Sunday. Prior to that, Mahomes had only pitched two throughout the season. Nowhere is the Patriots’ offense as good as what the Chiefs have, so the Dolphins should have a chance to shut them down and potentially force Cam Newton into turnovers (he’s got 11 in the year). Miami has been weak against running at times, so that’s the only concern here. Otherwise, expect the defense to play well. seven San Francisco 49ers @ Cowboys. The 49ers defense kept Washington’s offense to just nine points in their loss, so they managed to win a low level offense. Now they can take another mediocre offense led by Andy Dalton. The Cowboys have good WRs, but the 49ers should slow them down and take advantage of the 24 turnovers the Cowboys have made this season, well for third in the NFL. 8 Arizona Cardinals vs. Eagles. Jalen Hurts did a great job in his first game in charge of the Eagles and was able to move the ball consistently against the Saints’ tough defense. He ran over 100 yards and only had one turnover. While Hurts did well against the Saints, the Cardinals will have a better plan of attack against the rookie in his first road start after seeing him in extended action at the NFL level for the first time. They’ve just scored eight sacks against the Giants and will make Hurts mistakes by putting pressure on an Eagles offensive line that had allowed 53 sacks this year. 9 Cleveland Browns @ Giants. Daniel Jones struggled in his return to action for the Giants, and the offense spat as a result. The team returned the ball three times and returned eight sacks in a terrible performance against Arizona. He’ll likely have similar issues against a passing rush for the Browns who have averaged 2.5 sacks per game this year, tied for 12th in the NFL. ten New England Patriots @ Dolphins. Bill Belichick has a sparkling 20-5 record against rookie quarterbacks, and he will face one on Sunday at Tua Tagovailoa. While Tua has played well in his six starts and improved in each of his last two starts, Belichick’s defense will have a chance to contain him, as will Justin Herbert in the Patriots’ 45-0 win ago. a few weeks. The Patriots are just outside the top 10 in yards allowed and have a top 10 defense, so relying on them in what could be a low scoring game makes sense, especially with so many Miami playmakers pulling themselves together. are faced. 11 Chicago Bears @ Vikings. The Bears defense has just done a great job of containing Deshaun Watson and the Texans offense (seven sacks, two forced turnovers). Now they will have a chance to face the Vikings. Minnesota have turned the ball more than 22 times this year, tied for fifth in the league, but they still have Dalvin Cook, who just ran more than 100 yards against one of the best defenses in the league. Due to Cook’s presence, the Bears’ floor / ceiling is just a little lower than usual, so he leaves them under those other top defensive options in some great games. 12 Minnesota Vikings Against Bears. Can Mitchell Trubisky lead the Bears to another big offensive outing or will he regress? We are counting on his regression a bit, as he has spun the ball over seven times this year and has also been sacked an average of 2.5 times per game. The Vikings don’t have the best defense, but they should be able to put pressure on Trubisky and shake him up a bit. 13 Indianapolis Colts vs. Texans. The Colts’ defense has regressed since its domination at the start of the season. They recorded 10 fantasy points against the Texans a few weeks ago, but they don’t limit mileage and points as much. Relying on turnovers, sacks, and TDs to generate most of the team’s value makes the Colts a proposition to expand or slow down as they have a high cap but one of the lowest floors among the 15 best options. This will make him a good streamer, but not one you can really rely on. 14 Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Falcons. The Buccaneers have been able to sack Kirk Cousins ​​six times and Matt Ryan has just finished a game with three interceptions. So what’s not to like? Well, if Julio Jones (hamstring) returns, he might be able to help expose one of the Bucs’ biggest weaknesses, their passing defense, and that could help Ryan with his problems. The Falcons have also had two blasts over 34 points this year, so trusting the Bucs here is doable but comes with some risk. 15 New York Giants vs. Browns. The Giants did nothing in attack against the Cardinals, but their defense gave up just 26 points despite being constantly put in bad places and being on the field for almost 38 minutes of the game. They are a good rebound candidate, but playing against a solid offense like the Browns there are other options to target (although the Giants can be good as a low-cost DFS streamer this week). 16 Washington football team versus Seahawks. Washington’s defense was epic against the 49ers. They had two defensive touchdowns, forced an additional fumble and sacked Nick Mullens four times. While the football team’s defense has played well, the Seahawks’ offense has just seen a 40-point explosion against the Jets and it may be more difficult for Washington to pressure Russell Wilson for bad throws. . They still have a high sack floor, as their 3.1 sacks per game are tied for fourth in the league, but their ceiling is capped against a strong offensive team. 17 Green Bay Packers vs. Panthers 18 Dallas Cowboys vs. 49ers 19 Tennessee Titans vs. Lions 20 New Orleans Saints vs Chiefs. Normally the Saints’ defense is in the top 10. However, they play the Chiefs offense, and while Patrick Mahomes threw a few picks last week, that was an aberration. The Eagles just moved the ball well over the Saints, so there’s no reason to expect the Chiefs to do anything different. 21 Kansas City Chiefs @ Saints. Taysom Hill took a lot of sacks against the Eagles, but if he starts against the Chiefs, he won’t be making the same mistakes he made in this one. The Chiefs have allowed an average of 25.8 points per game in their last five outings anyway, so they’ve regressed a bit. Trusting them in what might be a back and forth is not ideal. 22 Denver Broncos vs. Bills 23 Houston Texans @ Colts 24 Philadelphia Eagles @ Cardinals. Yes, they limited the saints. Yes, they average 3.3 sacks per game (the second-highest number in the NFL). No, trusting them against Kyler Murray and the Cardinals attack is not a good idea. 25 Los Angeles Chargers @ Raiders 26 Las Vegas Raiders vs. Chargers 27 Carolina Panthers @ Packers 28 Cincinnati Bengals vs. Steelers 29 Atlanta Falcons vs. Buccaneers 30 Detroit Lions @ Titans 31 Jacksonville Jaguars @ Ravens 32 New York Jets @ Rams


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