Tuesday, July 16, 2024

What must big companies do to earn your trust?

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A peaceful transfer of power does not mean that threats of political violence – and the difficult conversations about it – have ended. Tim Ryan, President of PwC US, gives some tips below. (Hint: The real challenge that leaders face is proving they are trustworthy.)

But first, here’s your inaugural poet Inspired by Amanda Gorman week in review, in Haiku.

“Where can we find the light
in this endless shade?
Asked by a new voice,

in a new moment,
free from the belly of a
beast that stalks us all.

It took a poet
to grasp the promise of
a hard-earned hill, climbed

by many on the
back of a search for justice
little. Unfinished, yes

we are. But here is a
good starting point: pay all
poets what they are worth.

I wish you a lyrically peaceful weekend.

Ellen McGirt


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