Tuesday, November 28, 2023

White House appeals to two MIT leaders

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On January 15, President-elect Joseph Biden appointed Broad Institute director Eric Lander and MIT vice president of research Maria Zuber to senior science and technology positions in his administration.

Biden appointed Lander’s presidential science adviser, a post he elevated to Cabinet level. He also appointed him director of the Office for Science and Technology Policy (OSTP). Lander, a biology professor at MIT, will be taking time off from MIT and Broad.

Maria zuber

Zuber, professor of geophysics, has been appointed co-chair of the Presidential Council of Science and Technology Advisors (PCAST) along with Caltech chemical engineer and Nobel Laureate Frances Arnold. They will be the first women to cochair PCAST.

“From covid-19 to climate change, the nation faces pressing challenges whose solutions depend on a broad and deep understanding of the frontiers of science and technology. It is extremely significant that science is elevated to a ministerial level position for the first time, ”said President L. Rafael Reif. “With his keen intelligence and his remarkable track record as a scientific pioneer, Eric Lander is an excellent choice for this new role. And given his leadership in immensely complex NASA missions and his deep engagement with the forefront of dozens of scientific fields as MIT’s vice president of research, it’s hard to imagine anyone more. qualified to cochair PCAST ​​as Maria Zuber. It is a key day for science and for the nation. ”


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