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Will Pucovski Australia v India cricket analyzes Ian Chappell

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It takes a bit to impress Ian Chappell.

The Australian cricket legend does not give praise and so when he really talks about a player they have to be fine.

“A very impressive start for Will Pucovski,” said Chappell Great world of sport after watching the hugely popular Victorian AVC 62 on its test debut.

“He looked very calm, he has a wide range of shots and he was looking to score.

“These are the main things that impressed me.”

After a roller coaster ride to don the baggy green, it was fitting that his first shot for Australia was also eventful.

Pucovski has a second life

His walking trigger movement on his stumps gave Indian bowlers an LBW target and he ultimately fell that way to fellow debutante Navdeep Saini.

Pucovski took his chance with two lost catches and courageously took the short ball with mixed success.

But the ball most often finds the middle of the 22-year-old’s bat, and some of his stroke play was really lavish.

“Sure he got a little bit of luck, but you need a little bit and he capitalized on his bad luck,” Chappell continued.

“He’s very calm and composed which is a good trait, especially in his early days and considering all the things that happened before his debut – he seemed to have a pretty organized mind.”

Indeed, learning Pucovski was difficult to say the least.

Three double tons of Sheffield Shield whet your appetite, but mental health issues and repeated concussions are dividing the cricket community over whether it was the right time to throw it in the furnace.

But Pucovski was ready.

“I have been through a lot of difficult sites on and off the pitch, in the hope that that day would come and that it was a very special day,” he told SCG reporters. after Australia hit 2-166 on day one.

“It was pretty surreal, like you say, it was a bit of a roller coaster.

“Getting hit about a month ago and millions of different doctors … trying to get a little bit of clarity and a little answer on what was going on and everything in that direction.”

“But I managed to go through all the protocols and go for selection and I was lucky to be selected.

“It’s been a bit of a whirlwind but it’s great to be here.

“I wish mum, dad and my girlfriend were here to celebrate with me and my pals but they couldn’t do it with the COVID restrictions but other than that it was obviously a very, very special time .

“Probably my favorite day in cricket to date.”


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