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World’s End Club: Here’s what’s in each edition

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World’s End Club is coming to Nintendo Switch on May 28. Two editions of the game are currently available for pre-order from a handful of retailers (see on Amazon). Read on to find out what the game is all about, where you can get a pre-order, and what’s included in each edition.

World’s End Club Deluxe Edition

Although referred to as the “Deluxe Edition”, it is the entry-level version for those who prefer physical games. (It is not yet in pre-order in digital format). The Deluxe Edition comes with the game itself, as well as the following extras:

  • Mini art book “Go-Getters Club Yearbook”
  • “Anthem of Friendship” Digital Soundtrack Sampler
  • Reversible blanket

World’s End Club Limited Edition

worlds-end-club-limited edition

The game is also available in a limited edition exclusive to the NIS America Store. It comes with the game itself, as well as the following:

  • “Anthem of Friendship” Complete Digital Soundtrack
  • “Go-Getters Club Yearbook” hardcover art book
  • “Club Leader Badge” enamel pin
  • Acrylic support “Endless carousel”

No pre-order bonus

No pre-order bonuses have been announced for World’s End Club at the time of writing. If that changes at some point in the future, this is where we’ll throw that information.

What is World’s End Club?

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A mix between a visual novel and a platformer, World’s End Club was born from the creators of the cult classics Zero Escape and Danganronpa. This is a bunch of weird students from all over Japan who call themselves the “Go-Getters Club”. They go on an excursion to an underwater theme park but, due to some unfortunate events, find themselves trapped there. Then a clown appears and informs them that they will have to play a “Fate Game” to escape. It sounds dangerous. Once you escape, you find yourself on an adventure across the country to solve another mystery. The first part of World’s End Club was originally released last year as an Apple Arcade title. This version of the game is expected to receive a content update with the ending when the Switch version is released.

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