Thursday, February 22, 2024

Xbox cloud gaming is coming to iOS and PC this spring

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When Infinite Halo finally arrives next fall, you will be able to experience the latest Master Chief adventure on your iPhone. Microsoft plans to run game streaming on iOS devices through web browser to bypass Byzantine restrictions on the App Store Apple put on these services. Rival game streaming platforms Google Stadia, GeForce now and Amazon Luna all also work as web apps on iPhone and iPad.

In a blog post announcing iOS and PC news, Microsoft touted the success of its Xbox Series X and S series launch last month without revealing the number of consoles sold. He said Game Pass engagement more than doubled in November, and more than 40% of gamers who first joined the Xbox ecosystem did so on Series S. The latter suggests the newer ones. newcomers found the $ 299 total cost for S series and Xbox All Access Payment Plan be sufficiently low barriers to entry for this generation of console games.

Microsoft has announced plans to expand cloud gaming to more markets next year. He recently started testing service in Australia, Brazil, Japan and Mexico. Meanwhile, Xbox chief Phil Spencer recently alludes to plans for a Chromecast-type dongle that would allow you to stream games directly to your TV. So, Xbox game streaming could be on its way to even more devices in the near future.


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