Thursday, September 28, 2023

Xbox Game Pass is full of sports games this month

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The next wave of games to come will probably ignite that spark of competition in you. Microsoft several major sports titles are coming to the service, starting with . This feature is now available to Game Pass subscribers on Xbox consoles via .

Starting March 4, you can hit the field on console and xCloud, like joined the lineup. Football fans will be able to take an England National League team to European Championship glory, as Football Manager 2021 also joined Game Pass on Thursday. The full PC version will be available, as will (which, oddly enough, you can also play on PC). You will be able to transfer backups between the two versions.

In April, NHL 21 will hit EA Play and Game Pass. Before that, there is another big game going on for non-athletes. Star Wars: Squadrons will land on both services later this month, but only on the console version of Game Pass. EA Play again .

These are all big additions to Game Pass, which remains one of the best gaming offerings. Cricket 19 (PC) and (xCloud) are other recent additions to the service.

Meanwhile, some games are on the verge of being released from Game Pass. The most notable games that are leaving are (consoles) and (consoles and PC). Chronicles of Alvastia, Chronicles of Alvastia and Kona are about to come out too. You only have a few weeks to refuel them, as they leave Game Pass on March 15th.


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