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Yelp Lets You Report Restaurants That Are Not Following COVID-19 Rules

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However, while a majority report that the measures are not being implemented, the updates are more equivocal. In these cases, an orange question mark is displayed with the text, “Social distancing may not be applied according to most users” or “Staff may not wear masks according to most users.”

Yelp said it would only display the mask and social distancing information if it received a consensus from multiple confirmed users in the previous 28 days. With the ambiguous orange warning, however, that might not be clear to some people. Nonetheless, Yelp said that “it is not common for businesses to receive an orange question mark” for social distancing and masks, with only “a few hundred businesses out of the millions on Yelp.” The company also noted that it had removed 4,000 reviews that violated its COVID-19 review content guidelines.

You can also tell others if a company offers outdoor seating, if disinfection is done between customers, if contactless payment is supported, etc. This information is entered either through the survey questions or by using the ‘edit’ icon at the top right of the COVID-19 updates section of a company page, as shown in the image. above (click to enlarge). New features are now available – find out more at Yelp official blog.


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