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Your Definitive Guide to Apex Legends Season 8

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Apex Legends Season 7 introduces a new arena, Olympus, and an offensive legend, Horizon. Horizon secured the # 1 spot in the Competitive Shooter Ranked Mode meta, and Olympus changed the flow of engagements with crowded residential and commercial neighborhoods connected by open grasslands with no cover. Season 8 launched last week and adds the bombastic Fuse to the list and a new heavy ammo pistol to the loot pool. More importantly, the classic Kings Canyon map is back, even though it has seen better days. As someone who has been playing Apex Legends since its release a little over two years ago, I have compiled another guide for veteran players and newcomers! Here are some great points of interest to explore, a collection of reliable weapons, and clever Legends combinations that could benefit both PC and console gamers of Apex Legends during Season 8.

Best landing spots

Best landing spots

Accident site

In the trailers leading up to the Season 8 launch day, a massive fighter ship was sabotaged and forced to the ground during Fuse’s first celebration. “Crash Site” grew out of the devastation that followed and emerges as an entirely original sector (this part of Kings Canyon was inaccessible in previous seasons). Anyone securing the scaffolding and ramps surrounding the wreckage can use the higher altitude to ambush the raiding squads below. Additionally, if you can manage to find a long-range gun like the new 30-30 repeater, you can easily take out enemies from afar. When the smoke clears, be sure to stop at any armories you see for Legendary loot. A quick turn southwest will bring you to another great site:

Spotted lakes

Although not as popular as fan favorite points of interest namely, Bunker and Skulltown – SLum Lakes was a solid Plan B home base that provided rare loot within the confines of a sizable slum. Rusty generators and heaps of debris adorned with rooftops shining weapons like the G7 Scout and Longbow during the final stages of a match. Season 8 “Spotted Lakes” reorganizes the whole area. Say goodbye to the mud fields and rusty pipelines of Slum Lakes. Say hello to aquamarine ponds, adjustable sniper towers, and multi-story tents with dangling ziplines for quick navigation. A large dam sits in the center of Spotted Lakes and houses a plethora of collectibles. However, the structure’s many sightlines and corridors could be fatal if you are not aware of your surroundings, so stay alert!

Mirage Voyage

Everyone loves “Mirage Voyage” if not for the big loot then for the laughs as players are more likely to die within seconds of arriving as half the lobby still lands here. In Kings Canyon, Mirage’s group cruiser floats above the roaring sea. If things go wrong you can use the air vents to redeploy elsewhere, but other than that it’s a one-way ticket to the deep water. Rise above your foes, start the party for the sake of the delicious chaos, grab whatever weapon you can (I guess even a Mozambique without gear will do) and claim your rights to the levitating ship and its great treasures. Thirds are less likely to occur since Mirage Voyage is separate from the rest of the map. Still, silly squads might try to run into you from the nearby jump tower, but you’ll spot them a mile away.

Best weapon loadouts

Best weapon loadouts

R-99 SMG or Volt SMG + 30-30 repeater

The R-99 and the Volt appeared in the best weapons loadouts section of my guide to season 7 few months ago. Both submachine guns are making a comeback not only because of their enormous popularity, but also because of the value they bring to combat. There’s nothing quite like advancing on a vulnerable enemy and “one-magging” with the manageable hip fire of the R-99. And taking down a retreating team with the Volt’s predictable recoil pattern is still worthy of the highlights. Throw away the new 30-30 Repeater rifle, a versatile weapon that packs a punch and succeeds at virtually any distance outfit it with a 2X HCOG Bruiser or 3X Ranger, set up at a vantage point (the Spotted Lakes towers are a perfect spot if the ring allows), and you’ll find it much easier to waste your opponents never been.

M600 Spitfire or SMG Alternator + Mastiff Rifle

Yeah, yeah, I’m not a Spitfire fan either. In fact, I’ve always advocated the Devotion LMG instead because of its stopping power and potential to tear entire teams apart. But when you consider the fact that Season 8 introduced legendary magazine attachments to the loot rotation and the recent Spitfire damage has increased by a full point, then you will realize that it more than deserved. its place on this list. The alternator (one of my personal favorites) is also a suitable option as the seemingly mundane SMG also received a damage buff. And, of course, you’ll have the devastating mastiff in your back pocket for any unexpected flanks or engagements too close together for comfort.

R-301 Rifle + Hemlock Burst AR or Hemlock Burst AR + Wingman

You can’t go wrong with that first pairing – these rifles performed effectively in Season 7 and this trend continued into Season 8. If you’re reading this you’ve probably played Apex and the R-301n before. therefore does not need an introduction. Hemlock, however, has slowly made its way into the loading popularity chart over the past year or so and can serve as a suitable substitute for a sniper rifle or primary weapon. And if you’re an accomplished sniper, the Wingman is a great handgun. Last season, the Quickdraw attachment was an exciting new feature for players who love ADS with the mighty revolver, but I suggest you grab a Skullpiercer for the Wingman instead.

Best squad lineups

Best squad lineups

Gibraltar + Wattson + Wraith

I might be a one-trick Wattson, but Gibraltar is by far my favorite legend in the game. In some choppy circles he’s still seen as overpowered, and here’s what I’ve always said about it: if you can’t beat them, join them! Gibraltar’s talents are often employed at higher levels of play due to their multi-faceted equipment. The lovable Defender can provide indestructible cover for quick heals or dreadful supplies by dropping his “Dome of Protection”. And its “defensive bombardment” air strike can quickly decimate teams caught in the open. The guy also happens to be a walking tank (he takes 15% less damage) and dons an arm shield that has its own health pool.

Wraith players can take comfort in knowing that their only job is to teleport teammates out of risky situations. And Wattson offers additional protection by evaporating throwables and airstrikes with his “Interceptor Pylon.” Remember: Gibraltar’s presence is the key to this deadly combination.

Crypto + Horizon + Octane

Crypto is not what it used to be. In fact, his updated abilities cement him as one of the best legends for catalyzing team fights. The Elusive Pirate’s Surveillance Drone detects enemies within 200 yards, emits a EMP that deals heavy shield damage, recovers death boxes without endangering its operator, and resuscitates teammates at respawn beacons. Crypto is simply a jack of all trades that can contribute to every step of a given match. Horizon’s “Gravity Lift” can get the less mobile Crypto to the heights in the blink of an eye in case it gets cornered somehow, and Octane’s “Stim” provides it with huge. Speed ​​boost that allows him to quickly collapse on targets affected by EMP.

Fuse + Lifeline + Pathfinder

I couldn’t do this guide without including the new caption. While I don’t think Fuse is making substantial waves in the meta like Horizon continues to do, he will definitely be selected in Apex Legends’ fast-paced, lower-stakes game mode. Fuse’s skill set is rendered useless against Wattson’s smart players, but his ultimate, “The Motherlode,” can find incredible value when dropped on preoccupied teams. the sacred thing can be shot up to 200 meters! Simply put, Fuse was designed with third parties in mind and is expected to play a significant role in determining how his team engages in full-scale battles. Revenant’s “Totem of Death” is always a terrifying “second life” option when you’re bombarding a team with Fuse’s abilities and want to take out the stragglers without taking serious damage. Finally, the most respected doctor on the border is there to revive or heal his teammates in case things don’t go as planned.

Perhaps the most important piece of advice I can give you is to engage in the style of play that makes you feel comfortable. Yes, perfecting the mechanics in Apex Legends is definitely important, but that first step to being successful in the game is to stick with what works for you. So go out and grab two friends, discover each of your tactical strengths, and dive into the various untamed biomes of King’s canyon with the highest level of confidence you can muster!


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