Monday, December 11, 2023

YouTube is testing a tool that checks for copyright infringements while downloading

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Youtube started testing a system that checks for possible copyright infringements when uploading videos. According to a screenshot shared by a social media consultant Matt Navarra (by means of XDA Developers), the tool checks a video for “any copyright issue that may restrict its visibility.” It notes that the user can address questions that emerge before the video was released.

Engadget contacted YouTube for more details on the tool, which appears to be desktop-only at the moment. Presumably, it operates YouTube’s Content ID system, which monitors the service for copyright issues. Copyright holders who discover violations via Content ID can prevent a video from being viewed, monetize themselves or follow audience statistics. YouTube can also ban channels for copyright infringement.

Even though this system does not detect any problems, copyright owners can manually file infringement claims after the video has been shown. Nonetheless, it could help protect users from accidental infringement or having to deal with copyright claims. It will likely reduce the cases of piracy on YouTube as well.


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