Friday, June 2, 2023

YouTube released 30,000 videos for making false claims about COVID-19 vaccines

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YouTube shot 30,000 videos to share misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines, Axios . Details on withdrawals come six months after the company first updated its policies on coronavirus vaccines.

Prior to October, YouTube had more general disinformation policies on coronaviruses, but these weren’t specifically about vaccines. The company has removed more than 800,000 videos for the spread of disinformation about the coronavirus since last February, according to Axios.

But with the increase in vaccine availability, the problem of vaccine misinformation has become for platforms. and have also expanded their policies to tackle misinformation about vaccines in recent months. But unlike Facebook, which announced plans to tackle disinformation on YouTube’s policies address only a specific subset of COVID-19 vaccine claims that contradict official guidelines from the World Health Organization and other authorities.


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