Thursday, March 30, 2023

2020 puts us on the brink of a processor revolution

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In this episode of our Upscaled explainer show, we took a look back at the year in CPU. From a perspective, 2020 looks like the new standard for processors. Intel released another high-end chip, 10th generation “Comet Lake”, which added a few cores but is still based on its aging 14nm transistor design, and AMD countered with Zen 3, an upgraded version of its desktop architecture that now goes up to 16 cores. It’s the same pattern we’ve seen for a few years, with almost no surprises: the 10-core i9-10900k is blazingly fast, but not that different from the 8-core 9900K, and we already have 16 AMD chips last. year with the 3950.

But take a closer look, and there was some awesome news in 2020. While Zen 3 didn’t increase the number of cores or clock speed dramatically, it did provide a big boost in instruction by clock without increasing power consumption. After the disastrous 2010s processor designs that nearly bankrupted AMD, part of me has waited for something to go wrong whether a new Zen processor is underperforming or half-baked, but Zen 3 has it. feel like proving that AMD knows what it’s doing. These chips are expensive, but extremely fast (we believe that 16-core Ryzen 9 5950X is overkill for most, but probably the best chip you can get for content creation), and they only leave us more excited about Zen 4, as AMD is likely to switch to a redesigned motherboard socket, a new process of manufacturing and supporting high speed DDR5 memory all in the same generation. Don’t hold your breath, the Zen 4 might not arrive until 2022.


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