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22% Off Apple MagSafe Duo Charger at Best Buy

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After chopping his Air power project in 2019, Apple chose to offer a range of wireless charging products as part of the relaunch MagSafe mark instead. The past year saw the release of fast wireless chargers for Qi-enabled devices, as well as compatible cases, pouches, and wallets that can clip to the back of the iPhone 12. MagSafe Duo: A $ 129 wireless charger that could simultaneously charge two compatible devices including, for the first time, the Apple Watch. Now Best Buy is offering the Duo for $ 29 less (or 22% off) as part of a bigger sale on everything MagSafe.

Buy Apple MagSafe Duo at Best Buy – $ 100 Buy Apple iPhone cases from Best Buy

Interested buyers should note that the MagSafe Duo does not come with a wall outlet AC adapter. For this, Apple recommends purchasing a 20W USB-C adapter (a 29W USB-C power supply adapter will not work). This should come as no surprise to anyone who bought an Apple product recently, as the Apple Watch and iPhone 12 don’t ship either. It should also be noted that the Duo charges the iPhone 12 Mini Slow down than its larger family, with a maximum power of 12 W, against 15 W for other iPhone 12 models.

Along with the aforementioned devices, the MagSafe Duo can also charge your AirPods charging case and since it is Qi charging compatible, it also works for iPhone 8 or later. Plus, you can fold it up to take it with you. There’s also a cheaper MagSafe charger at $ 39, but that’s not good if you want to charge your Apple Watch. Best Buy’s sale on Apple cases also applies to compatible MagSafe versions for the iPhone 12 line, which include clear, leather, and silicone cases starting at $ 20.

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