Saturday, October 1, 2022

Animal Crossing adds whoopie pillow in time for April Fool’s Day

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To help celebrate the upcoming first anniversary of , Nintendo will release a March 18. Aside from an adorable , you can expect features like an improved custom design app on your character and a birthday cake that appears in your mailbox. But like points out, the best addition is a whoopie pillow that will allow you to prank your friends.


From March 26, you will be able to order these pillows from the Nook Shopping service in-game. You will have until April 1 – which is April Fool’s Day – to get one. After that, you can get prom-themed items, including appropriate clothing, by visiting the Able Sisters store between April 1 and April 30. Fans can also expect Nintendo to release a limited-time Island Tour Creator feature on March 23 that will allow them to use their screenshots and images to create promotional posters and trailers for their islands. .


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