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DJI’s Osmo Pocket gimbal camera retails for $ 199 on Amazon

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DJI’s compact and handy gimbal with integrated camera is back on sale on Amazon. The Osmo Pocket fell to $ 199 today, which is $ 150 off its original price and $ 50 off the price it’s been hovering over the past few weeks. We last saw this discount in early February, so now is a good time to pick up the device if you missed the previous sale.

Buy DJI Osmo Pocket on Amazon – $ 199

The Pocket is essentially a small camera that uses 3-axis stabilization to take professional-looking photos and videos. It’s arguably the best for shooting video and records at 1080p / 30fps – but you can pump it up to 4K if you’re willing to waste a little more battery life. The Pocket lasts around 140 minutes when shooting 1080p video, but the battery life drops to 20 minutes if you want higher quality footage. It uses a 1 / 2.3-inch sensor sensor and two microphones and it supports microSD cards up to 256 GB.

In addition to a few physical buttons, the Pocket also has a one-inch touchscreen that you can use to access video features. And if you prefer to use a larger screen, you can connect the device to your smartphone and use the DJI Mimo app to control gimbal movements, change camera settings, view live camera view, and more.

If you’re looking to rely less on your smartphone’s camera, or just want a device with better stabilization and better quality, the Osmo Pocket is a good option. The model for sale is the original Pocket – DJI published the $ 349 Pocket 2 last year, which has a larger sensor, higher megapixel count, better gimbal range of motion, and access to advanced features like ActiveTrack 3.0. Unless you are a power user, you can probably skip the new features of the Pocket 2 to save money and get a similar experience with the original Pocket.

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