Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Apple’s spooky new show ‘Calls’ is a visual podcast filled with stars

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True crime podcasts and audio thrillers are all the rage, so why not make an entire TV show around dramatic phone calls? This seems to be the main argument of the new Apple TV + series Calls, which debuts on March 19. Don’t expect any fancy dramatizations, however. Based on the trailer, Calls is really just a series of phone conversations with simple accompanying visuals.

Apple says the series will follow a “dark and dramatic mystery” that was revealed during a series of phone conversations that “turn surreal as the characters face increasingly disturbing experiences.” The big draw is the cast of the series, which includes Pedro Pascal (The Mandalorian), Aubrey Plaza (Parks and recreation), Nick Jonas and Rosario Dawson. With a talent like that, watching nine short episodes doesn’t seem that difficult.

The series is directed by famous horror filmmaker Fede Alvarez (Don’t breathe), and adapted from the French series by Timothée Hochet. Although this is a very experimental concept, the trailer intrigued me. But it will probably be a show that I end up watching on my phone or tablet, like a podcast, instead of in my living room.


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