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AS Gaming’s Free Fire ID, stats, real name, country, etc.

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Free fire has established itself as one of India’s most famous battle royale games. AS Gaming is one of the country’s most popular content creators, known for his fun and engaging videos on the fast-paced title.

It has amassed a massive number of subscribers of over 6.79 million on Youtube. This article takes a look at his in-game stats and more.

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AS Gaming’s real name, Free Fire ID and stats

His real name is Rana Beach, and its Free Fire identifier is 169525329. Here are his stats:

Lifetime statistics

All Time Statistics
All Time Statistics

He appeared in a total of 7291 team matches and triumphed in 1104 of them, which amounts to a win rate of 15.14%. With 18406 frags, it has a K / D ratio of 2.97.

In duo mode, the internet star has 2150 games in his name and 289 first place, with a winning percentage of 13.44%. He bagged 5770 kills for a K / D ratio of 3.10.

Apart from that, the YouTuber has also featured in 1943 solo matches and has a total of wins of 188, making his win rate 9.67%. In the process, he eliminated 4896 enemies at a K / D ratio of 2.79.

Classified statistics

Classified statistics
Classified statistics

In the current season, the streamer has participated in 47 team games and a 8 wins, which translates to a win percentage of 17.02%. He accumulated 122 kills and maintains a K / D ratio of 3.13.

The content creator participated in 2 solo matches and clinched 4 frags, managing a K / D ratio of 2.00.

His YouTube channel

AS Gaming started creating content on YouTube 2 years ago and the first video on his channel dates back to January 2019. He has since uploaded 293 videos on his YouTube channels and garnered 567 million views.

Click on here to visit his YouTube channel.

His accounts on social networks

He has an Instagram account; players can click here to visit his profile.

It also has a Discord server; hurry here to join him.

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