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Australian Open News, Nick Kyrgios shoots player’s box

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It took Nick Kyrgios minutes to bring the fireworks to the Australian Open, ordering a member of his player’s box to leave his first-round clash against Portuguese underdog Federico Ferreira Silva.

However, he later denied that it was the partner of his brother Christos, Alicia Gowans.

Kyrgios was asked about the post-game incident after shouting, “Tell your girlfriend out of my box.”

When asked specifically if he was talking about Gowans, Kyrgios replied, “No, it wasn’t her. It wasn’t her.

“Bro, I’m crazy when I’m on the court. It was just a battle-type thing. It was just being out there, all those emotions again, you’re dating people you know who are supporting you and you know it’s not going to change.

“A lot of people can relate to an explosion, you know, you just have to verbalize it and pick on someone sometimes and then I calm down and start playing decent tennis.”

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After almost a year of absence from tennis, Kyrgios’ composure was put to the test in his first service game of the tournament shattered and spat out a 2-0 lead.

At the drop of a hat, Kyrgios began his usual whisper, yelling at his player’s box to “wake up,” in an effort to help him get into the game.

“Are you awake?!” Kyrgios barked at his box. “You say one thing for two games.

“Like seriously, are you awake?”

Amid a battle of two gigantic in the very next game, Kyrgios appeared to take offense with a member of his entourage, ordering them to leave the stadium.

“Tell your girlfriend to get out of my box,” he shouted.

While it was the Aussie’s fiery scenes, the crowd (who have more than become accustomed to Kyrgios’ antics) weren’t fazed by the outbursts – and the fan-favorite quickly took over. head of the match.

Breaking through Ferreira Silva, Kyrgios began to find his rhythm and serve as he headed for a crucial 6-4 first set, not before throwing a cheeky serve under the armpits for good measure.

Kyrgios managed to shake off his early antics to walk away with the match in straight sets (6-4 6-4 6-4) and set up a second round clash with 29th seed Ugo Humbert.

“Honestly, that was pretty average,” Kyrgios said when asked to rate his performance by Jim Courier.

Kyrgios’ ridiculous half-volley tweener

“I haven’t played a Grand Slam match for over a year, I was very nervous walking here. I knew I was going to be able to produce anywhere near my best tennis, I am just glad I did. “

Despite Kyrgios’ admission, it looks like he found enough flare at the end of the match to pull off an incredible tweener volley that left everyone in the arena John Cain in awe.

Kyrgios will have a day off to recuperate before returning on Wednesday for his second round clash.

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