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Australian Open News | Nick Kyrgios vs Dominic Thiem, Aussie’s drunken crack to star

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Nick Kyrgios has immense respect for Dominic Thiem’s ​​playing, but on the other hand, he once suggested that he was the type of guy who liked to watch the paint dry.

There will be spice when Kyrgios faces off against the third Thiem Seed in Australian Open third round Friday, a first blockbuster at Melbourne Park involving the local hopeful and finalist from last year.

Kyrgios roasted Thiem on a Wild Instagram Live Chat with Andy Murray last year, during which he pulverized a number of European superstar players.

“Do you think me and Dominic Thiem would vibrate?” Kyrgios asked Murray, admitting he had drunk six glasses of wine before the conversation and was clearly intoxicated.

“No. I’m more invested in maybe a good cocktail. But my boy DT would be like ‘I want to see this paint dry’.

“Very simple, you know what I mean? It’s different. It’s a different vibe.”

And came The unfortunate tour of Adria by Novak Djokovic, held in blatant disregard for the COVID-19 pandemic. Thiem was one of the stars who attended the event, which was a red rag to Kyrgios, a staunch biosafety advocate.

After Kyrgios blasted the event and its players, Thiem fought back.

“It was his (Djokovic’s) mistake, but I don’t understand why a lot of people want to interfere,” Thiem said (comments translated).

“Kyrgios has made a lot of mistakes himself. It would be better if he was clear instead of criticizing others.”

Kyrgios didn’t have it, again suggesting that Thiem was a bit boring.

“What are you talking about @ThiemDomi? Mistakes like breaking rackets? Swearing? Tank a few games here or there? What everybody’s doing? Neither of you have the intellectual level to understand where I’m from. J ‘try to hold them accountable,’ Kyrgios replied on Twitter.

“It just shows what a joke @ThiemDomi @AlexZverev & @DjokerNole thinks it is, two of them are partying like potatoes during a global pandemic. Losing people, loved ones and friends , then Thiem defending the mistake. These guys are the “top” of our sport. SMH. “

Kyrgios was much more complimentary when asked about Thiem as his third round opponent at the Australian Open; but in particular, he was not questioned about the behavior of the Austrian during the pandemic. Thiem was one of the most active players of the past year despite COVID-19, culminating with his first Grand Slam victory at the US Open.

“He’s probably one of the more physical guys on tour. He’s a really good player,” Kyrgios said.

“He’s definitely, I’ve seen him progress. He’s a little older than me. I actually saw him in juniors and then saw him wrestle for a few years; futures, challenges, then see him getting to the top of the game. Actually, it’s been pretty cool to watch him develop and finally figure out what he needs to do to win games.

“He trains like an absolute animal. He’s consistent every day. And I actually have a lot of respect for him.

“I think his style of tennis is not easy to play. He’s super physical. But I don’t even think about it. Like, it just hurts to think of playing him right now.

“Whatever happens against Thiem happens. I’m going to go there, serve, play with instinct and if that’s enough, it’s enough. If not, I’m okay with that. . “

Thiem won his only clash against Kyrgios, in 2015 on clay in Nice. Kyrgios retired in the first set. The Austrian has become a much better player since then, benefiting from immense physical form and a nuclear forehand.

Kyrgios also praised his mentality and said he wouldn’t be surprised by the Australian crowd; who offered his support in last year’s final as he lost an exciting five sets to Novak Djokovic.

“There is no doubt that he got over crowds against him. He had some great results and he played some of the best players,” Kyrgios said.

“He’s one of the best players in the world, so he’s sure to be able to live up to this opportunity. He won’t be afraid. He’s excited.

“That’s what makes him so good. He’s one of the players who likes to thrive in big game situations. I know that.

“I know he’s capable. You’re not going to make the Grand Slam final and win Slams if you’re going to be afraid of a little Australian crowd.

“So yeah, I expect him to play his best tennis and I’m not going to say I play my best tennis or feel the best. But I’m going to go there saying I ‘I have good luck. “

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