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Bulldogs Adam Elliott breaks silence on love triangle involving Michael Lichaa

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Bulldogs forward Adam Elliott has taken on the media for the first time since the infamous ‘love triangle’ in which he and former teammate Michael Lichaa tangled last month, but were unwilling to answer questions on this subject.

Elliott recently avoided punishment for his involvement in a romantic feud with Lichaa and her partner. The club opted against a penalty after the back rower stepped forward and confirmed he would seek help with his problems.

Pressed by reporters on today’s incident, Elliott declined to comment on the matter.

“I think the club has fixed this problem,” he said.

“This is a private matter, out of respect for everyone involved I would like this to continue. This was addressed in the statement released by the club.”

Elliott was also asked if the incident damaged the club, to which he replied, “I think we’re all really focused on the first round right now.

“Everyone showed up to trials very well. We were very clear about how we want to play and what we want to look like as a team. I think it’s the same in the process. of the first round against Newcastle. “

But the questions did not end there.

The 26-year-old was then asked if he had spoken to his teammates about the incident, but again declined to give a direct answer.

“Like I said, around this incident it’s a private matter,” Elliott said.

“I’m not going to go into it any further. I handled it as I saw fit with my teammates at the start of the play. Our whole goal is to play football together and support each other as a team.

“I think I’m really lucky to have a really supportive club, teammates and system around me that I’ve been able to focus on for the job I’m here to do. I am a man of dogs through and through. “

Last month’s off-court incident isn’t the first time Elliott has found himself in the headlines for the wrong reasons.

Eliott and former teammate Asipeli Fine both pleaded guilty to public nudity offenses clerk near Sydney Harbor Bridge during Canterbury’s Mad Monday celebrations 2018.

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