Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Coca-Cola launches vending machine subscriptions in Japan

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Coca-Cola is launching vending machine subscription service in Japan in hopes of boosting sales from ubiquitous, but forgotten beverage vending machines. The machines were a common view in the country for over a hundred years, offering everything from snacks and toys to pet food and beer. Even if you’ve never visited Japan, you might have met them on the Yakuza or Shenmue Games. However, the pandemic has lowered vending machine sales by more than 35 percent as people have been forced to reenter and move away from overcrowded city centers.

In order to attract customers, Nikkei reports that Coca-Cola is preparing a subscription option through its Coke on smartphone app which allows you to have a drink per day for 2,700 yen ($ 25) per month from 340,000 vending machines. That’s a lot of carbonated sugar water for one person, but Coke offers other drinks in Japan, including unsweetened tea and black coffee, according to Kotaku. The new “Coke On Pass” service launched in May with a promotional offer of 1,350 yen ($ 12.40) to get more people to use the app, which saw 25 million downloads in January.


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