Thursday, September 28, 2023

For Virgin Hyperloop, trust is its most precious possession

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At this year’s South by Southwest Virtual Show (SxSW), Virgin Hyperloop spoke about confidence and the future. The company could have simply shouted about the success of its first crewed mission in November 2020, but he doesn’t want to look back. Instead, he wanted to talk about what to do in order to make people want to get kicked through a vacuum tube at speeds of up to 650 miles an hour.

Part of this is creating an environment that feels familiar, yet futuristic, modern without being obnoxious and safe, but not demanding. Along with Sara Lucian of Virgin Hyperloop, John Barratt, CEO of design firm Teague, and Joel Beckerman, of Man Made Music, sit down to explain why all of these things are designed to build confidence for our future.


Writer and Presenter: Dan Cooper
Editor: Chris Schodt

Producer: Aaron Souppouris


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