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Cordarrelle Patterson’s F-bomb is picked up during Nickelodeon’s playoff broadcast, and the reaction is hilarious

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They teach vocabulary at school, don’t they?

Hot mics aren’t usually a big deal, given that most people who attend NFL playoffs know this language and are likely to have dropped a few dirty words at some point in their lives.

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But what happens when the NFL decides to simultaneously broadcast a playoff game on Nickelodeon? Hilarity ensues.

Bad language is commonly heard during NFL games, especially in a season when there are few or no fans in the stands to muffle the noise from the pitch. In the Bears-Saints wild card game on Sunday afternoon, wide Chicago Cordarrelle Patterson was close to an official, who appealed from a penalty, before fully offloading a total “WTF” moment in length. microphone wave.

Earmuffs warning:

Of course, dropping such obscenity is not uncommon for the regular Twitter user, who took notice and responded with a lot of memes and reactions after the. . . Event. (WARNING: Some Tweets contain NSFW language.)

Well, kids have to learn at some point, right?


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