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Damien Hardwick reveals Chris Scott’s sportsmanship moment in 2020 Grand Final

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Richmond Coach Damien hardwick praised his counterpart Geelong Chris Scott for stepping into the Tigers’ coaching box to congratulate his team ahead of the final siren of last year’s grand finale.

After Scott’s Cats held a 15-point lead at halftime, the The reigning prime ministers are back in force on the back of a powerful performance from Dustin Martin, medalist Norm Smith.

Geelong only managed one goal in the last quarter, as the Tigers beat five majors, including one from Jack Riewoldt who sparked wild celebrations.

According to Hardwick, it was after Riewoldt’s goal, which came with 1:43 left on the clock, that Scott entered the Tigers’ box.

“As a coach you never really know (when the game is over),” Hardwick told Fox Footy.

“But what I’m going to say is after that goal Chris Scott came to our coaches box and congratulated us, which was amazing.

I think the assistants had their bags packed by this point, but I continue, “Listen guys, we’re still – Oh Chris! He just congratulated us and said “great game”.

“It was really a class act from such a classy guy.”

The victory over Geelong gave Hardwick and Richmond their third PM in four seasons, but the Tigers coach called the 2020 triumph the best of the line.

“It’s a really, really hard thing to say, but I think it’s our best Grand Final victory,” he said.

“I consider this one of the most difficult and difficult years we have ever gone through and it has been a fantastic effort from our players and our club as a whole to come away with it, which I think is going to be, one of the hardest trophies to win. “

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