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Exclusive Deep Beyond Preview # 1: What if the Y2K bug destroyed civilization?

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Thanks to the tireless efforts of countless scientists, programmers, and other experts, the dreaded Y2K bug turned out to be more of a minor nuisance than the end-of-civilization disaster some feared. But what if it wasn’t? What if the Y2K bug had, in fact, wreaked havoc around the world and brought humanity to its knees? That’s the premise of the new Image Comics Deep Beyond series, a sci-fi horror saga set in an alternate world where the worst-case scenario has happened.IGN can exclusively debut in the new. interior art from Deep Beyond # 1 ahead of its February release. . Check out these pages in the slideshow gallery below:

Exclusive preview of Deep Beyond # 1

In the world of Deep Beyond, the remains of humanity cling to life years after the Millennium Bug decimated civilization, with a small group of scientists preventing the survivors from total annihilation. In this world, even greater horrors await the completion of what remains of society, especially after a lone seeker gets lost in the ocean abyss. The series is a collaboration between co-authors Mirka Andolfo (Mercy) and David Goy, artist Andrea Broccardo (Star Wars: Doctor Aphra) and colorist Barbara Nosenzo (The Ballad of Halo Jones).

“This comic may seem a little different from what I wrote before, but in fact, certain themes that are a constant throughout my production come back: contemporary social issues (or in this case environmental) without being preachers but always entertaining the reader, mixed with the right dose of humor to release the most tense and dramatic moments, “Andolfo told IGN.” And the fact that I have to write for an artist who will put my script on paper has been the opportunity to develop new creative muscles, so to speak. So it’s a great experience which, I think, allowed me to improve myself as a screenwriter.

“The world we have created at DEEP BEYOND is devastated, in which nature reclaims its spaces, and it is a planet that is both different and tragically similar (potentially) to the one we know,” said Goy. . the human race is the main protagonist but also a great threat to the planet, and this will manifest itself in unexpected ways.

Broccardo added: “After working on a world famous sci-fi storyline like Star Wars, it was a pleasure and an honor to graphically create a whole new world that was a bit retro-futuristic, but also immensely plausible.”Deep Beyond will run for 12 issues, with the first chapter due out on February 3, 2021.

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