Thursday, November 30, 2023

Ghostrunner: Metal Ox DLC and New Game Modes Available Now

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  • Metal ox DLC available now on the Xbox Store.
  • Play the new Killrun Mode and Photo Mode available to all players.
  • Try it Ghostrunner demo today.

New Ghostrunner Killrun and Photo Mode are now live with the Metal ox DLC! Share amazing images of Ghostrunner with the Ghostrunner community via the new photo mode and climb the Dharma tower while collecting time in Killrun mode.

Killrun mode is the final challenge to test your Ghostrunner skills. Save time killing enemies and finding it throughout your journey and complete the game before the time runs out. Speedrunners, know that your whole winning strategy will have to change to collect the time you need to win. If you can complete a level with enough extra time, you will earn special medals. Try to save as much time as possible before you get to the end.

Have you ever dreamed of taking glorious Ghostrunner images to share with the world? Well now we have finally given you the tools to capture intense cyber ninja action and share those footage with the rest of the Xbox community with ease. With the new photo mode, you can take pictures in many convenient ways, including from the point of view of enemies. Show us what you’ve got and get ready, as we are planning some great photo mode contests throughout 2021.

Ghostrunner DLC Metal Ox

Show off your legendary Ghostrunner images via Photo Mode in Style by upgrading your cosmetic inventory with the new Metal OX DLC. The Metal OX Pack features four beautiful sword and glove sets: the Rite Sword and Gloves set, the Benevolent Sword and Gloves set, the Justice Sword and Gloves set, and the set of integrity sword and gloves.

Ghostrunner DLC Metal Ox

Enjoy the new Metal Ox update and get ready because we have an exciting new mode that we will be announcing soon that will improve your level Ghostrunner live!

Ghostrunner: Pack of Metal Oxen

505 games and everything included! Games


$ 4.99

Ghostrunner is a high-speed action-packed hardcore FPP game set in a spooky cyberpunk megastructure. Climb the Dharma Tower, humanity’s last shelter, after a cataclysm that ended the world. Climb from the bottom up, face the tyrannical Keymaster and get your revenge. Increase your cosmetic inventory even further with the Metal Ox Pack. Inspired by the Chinese virtues of the Year of the Ox and Confucianism, the Metal Ox Pack brings 4 new custom Katana and Gloves sets to the Cybervoid! Purchase the Metal Ox Pack today and receive the following content: • The Rite Sword and Glove Set • The Benevolent Sword and Glove Set • The Justice Sword and Glove Set • The Integrity Sword and Glove Set


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