Thursday, September 28, 2023

GM teases more Hummer EV news with subzero test sequences

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As much as GM has already said about the Hummer EV, he apparently has more to say – and he’s using new imagery to spark interest. The automaker shared a video of the GMC-branded electric truck being tested in sub-zero temperatures around Michigan’s upper peninsula with word that it will reveal more about the new Hummer on April 3 at 5 p.m. hours (Eastern Time) alongside the NCAA Final Four. Reservations for the truck will begin the same day, GM said.

As for the test images in question? It’s not as informative as Rivian R1T Video, but it shows that the Hummer EV can handle freezing temperatures, ice and snow with grace. It’s a tougher challenge than it sounds – performance and range of electric vehicles usually suffers in the cold with no effort to keep things warm. However, GM faces these conditions, it is clear that you will have no problem navigating the wonders of winter.

The truck is the poster child for GM wider EV efforts between its 1,000-horsepower output, 0-60 MPH performance in three seconds, and 350-mile range, not to mention tricks like its off-road-friendly Crab mode steering. That said, the first model arriving this fall will be a premium version starting at $ 112,595. While GM wants to create a lot of buzz for the Hummer EV, only a handful of people will be able to drive it.


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