Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Google would work on an anti-tracking feature for Android

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Google is looking to develop an anti-tracking feature for Android similar to that Apple deployment with iOS 14.5, according to Bloomberg. The tech giant is reportedly in the early stages of exploring how it can limit data collection and cross-app tracking for its mobile operating system. However, it intends to find a less restrictive solution than that of Apple so as not to completely alienate its advertising partners.

If you remember, Apple is rolling out the App Tracking Transparency privacy feature, which will require developers to ask users for permission to collect the credentials of advertisers from their devices, with an upcoming iOS upgrade. This code allows advertisers to track user activity on apps and websites, allowing them to serve targeted ads. Originally, Apple was supposed to start enforcing the new policy with the debut of iOS 14, but decided to push it back to give developers more time to make their apps compliant. As you can guess, not everyone is happy with its implementation – Facebook, for example, warned developers that the feature could generate advertising revenue for the apps, attack privacy changes with newspaper announcements and recently asked users to opt for ad tracking.


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