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How to farm Bloodrun jewelry – Monster Hunter Rise wiki guide

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How to get Bloodrun jewelry

Bloodrun Gems in Mount Hunter Rise are only received by completing specific quests: as quest rewards for completing high rank 6 and 7 star Gathering quests, and to aid low rank hunters with quests from low rank.

You cannot get Bloodrun gems as a reward by completing village quests, as these are all low rank.

6 and 7 Star Gathering Center quest rewards

Specifically, it is possible to receive Bloodrun Gems after completing the 6 Star and 7 Star Gathering Hub quests under the “Quest Rewards” tab of the rewards screen.

Bloodrun Jewels as Assistance Rewards

You will also occasionally receive Bloodrun Gems as an assist reward when helping low rank players complete low rank quests.


Helping any low ranked player in your Monster Hunter Rise lobby will grant you aid rewards, as long as the low ranked player posts the quest and you are high ranked yourself. (We believe you may need to be HR6 or higher to start receiving Bloodrun Jewels).

If you don’t have anyone to play with or want to forgo lobbying, easily join a low rank multiplayer quest by opening the quest board, choosing a low rank quest and selecting “Accept via Request.” of participation ”.

This will make you join this quest already in progress. You can join any low-rank quest, even an optional 1-star quest, and have a chance to receive Bloodrun gems as an assist reward.

Alternatively, you can join an online lobby with low-ranking players and help them with their quests. This is probably the best method, but it’s not as fast as using the Join Request system.

Best way to farm Bloodrun jewelry

Defeat the final boss in Monster Hunter Rise base, a 7-Star Gathering Hub quest, can grants up to SIX Bloodrun Jewels both as quest rewards. Again, this is also a chance – you may not receive, or only one or two, but the chance to receive more at once is there. It’s lucky to get more than one in any other 6 or 7 Star Gathering Center quest it seems, so this is the best single quest you can do to get multiple gems. Bloodrun both in Monster Hunter Rise.

Complete low rank quests online, especially the optional 1 star quests against the little ones monsters with the Accept via Request for Registration method, can be incredibly quick and easy. Again, these have only one luck grant a Single Jewel of Bloodrun at the end of each mission. Bloodrun Jewels are not guaranteed as an assist reward. However, if you need specific low-rank monster parts, helping low-rank players may be better – and giving you more of it. materials at once.


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