Tuesday, September 26, 2023

“I’m doing with England! – Rashford diplomatically navigates the Sancho issue during Twitter Q&A

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Marcus Rashford described Jadon Sancho as his favorite player in the Bundesliga, but avoided an attempt to lure him as an agent to sign the Borussia Dortmund man for Manchester United.

With a lull in club football due to the international break and Rashford absent from service in England due to injury, he opened a question-and-answer session on Twitter.

The United star has answered questions on a range of topics and has divided the nation over his views on where he keeps his tomato ketchup, with Dortmund striker Sancho on multiple occasions.

What was said?

When asked if he would like to play with Sancho, Rashford responded: “I do with England.”

Responding so diplomatically, Rashford ruled out any chance of setting off a Rashford-effort-to-attract-Sancho-to-United media storm.

But it looks like Rashford is keeping an eye on his fellow England international, as if in response to asked who is his favorite player in the Bundesliga, he said: “Sancho”.

Rashford’s reflections on Aguero

In light of the news that Sergio Aguero would be leaving Manchester City this summer, Goal asked Rashford where he ranked the Argentine among the Premier League greats.

Rashford replied: “Very close to the top. Just look at his file.

Rashford responds

Rashford was asked a series of questions, some better than others.

Here’s a look at the best of them:

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