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Intel Pentium Silver and Celeron 10nm processors represent huge leap forward for schools

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While it might seem strange to read about the new Pentium processors in 2021, please indulge me. Intel has just announced its Pentium Silver and Celeron N-series processors at CES, and they can just lead to transformative changes for cheap educational computers. These chips are based on a modern 10nm architecture and the company claims they are 35% faster than the last generation as a whole. You can also expect 78% better UHD graphics performance, which should be especially useful for cool teachers who integrate Minecraft and Rocket league in their lessons.

Of course, it’s probably easy for Intel to show impressive performance gains by upgrading a line of underpowered processors. But this new hardware could still make a difference for the plethora of students stuck with cheap Windows PCs and Chromebooks. The Pentium Silver and Celeron N-series chips will also offer gigabit Wi-Fi, faster storage and memory speeds, and up to 10 hours of HD video playback. They range from the dual-core Celeron N4500 to the quad-core N6005, which can reach up to 3.3 GHz. Don’t laugh, even kids deserve a decent performance.


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