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11th Generation Intel H-Series processors designed for ultraportable gaming laptops

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AMD also still has a head start, as it was able to produce 8-core 7nm laptop chips last year, when this first batch of 11th-gen H-series processors will only exceed four cores. While this is disappointing for multithreaded performance, it matters less for games, which benefit more from higher single-threaded speeds. These H-series chips – dubbed H35 by Intel because of their 35-watt thermal design profile – will be led by the special edition Core i7-11375H, which the company claims offers its most single-threaded performance. fast to date. It matches the previous generation H-series chip, which operated at 45 watts higher TDP. If this is true, this is a vivid example of how much Intel has accomplished by finally releasing more powerful 10nm laptop processors.

Intel also claims that the i7-11375H is 30% faster than AMD’s 45 watt 4900H 35 watt 4800HS when it comes to single thread speeds. But of course that also tries to make you forget how much faster those AMD chips will be for multithreaded tasks, since they have twice as many processor cores. Intel is also stepping up its graphics technology, as new H-series hardware will come with the company’s Xe-LP graphics. Last year’s H-series chips were stuck with slow Intel UHD graphics. Intel claims that the newer GPUs will be able to run 1080p games above 70fps and 4K titles “smoothly” (I’d bet that just means they were above 30fps).

Of course, these processors will likely be paired with dedicated graphics cards, but having decently capable integrated graphics still helps. The less your laptop needs to use a dedicated GPU, the more battery life you will have. Additionally, the new H-series will also include PCIe 4.0, enabling faster storage speeds, as well as faster DDR4 3200 and LPDDR4 / x 4266 memory.

While it’s disappointing that these H-series chips hit quad cores, Intel says faster eight-core offerings will arrive later this quarter with “desktop-grade” performance. You’ll probably want to wait for these processors if you need better multithreaded performance for things like video encoding and 3D rendering. But of course, these machines will likely be as big as the H-series hardware. For many, a quad-core chip can work just fine if they just want to play games on an ultraportable laptop.


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