Monday, July 15, 2024

Intel Rocket Lake S processors are up to 19% faster than last year

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We have known since October that Upcoming Intel Rocket Lake S Desktop Processors only support 8-core chip, down 10-core i9-10900K from last year. The real question is whether this decline will be worth it. Well, Intel now claims the new Rocket Lake S chips are up to 19% faster than their predecessors. Gamers care more about single-threaded performance and overall speeds, after all, so losing two CPU cores can be worth it for higher FPS results.

While we’re still waiting for more details on the Rocket Lake S hardware, Intel gave us some more info at CES. They are expected to offer up to 50% better integrated graphics performance and will integrate artificial intelligence with Intel Deep Learning Boost technology. The flagship Core i9-11900K will hit up to 5.3GHz like last year, and it will support faster DDR4-3200 RAM. Rocket Lake S chips will support PCIe 4.0 and will be backward compatible with existing Intel 400 series chipsets, as well as upcoming 500 series motherboards.


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